General info
This translation demo is created by the research group of natural language processing at the Institute of Computer Science, University of Tartu. We use neural machine translation, you can find some gory details here. You can also find our trained translation models there, in case you want to use them yourself. Even this website is openly available.
If you would like to use the translation API as a service or have us build a custom tailored translation system for your own dark purposes, contact the group. The "Play" button allows you to compare the quality of three machine translation engines: our own, Tilde's and Google's, without knowing which translation was done by which system. After you pick the best translation you will see, which system generated it. That way it's fun, and it also works as unbiased feedback about the translation quality, so we save every click. See the accumulated statistics.
This demo is being developed as part of the NPELT project EKT88: "KaMa: Usable Estonian Translation (kasutatav eesti masint├Álge)".
The text you feed to the system can be saved, used for research purposes and anonymously published.